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Site News

Where did that go?

Those of you who frequent my blog directly (i.e., not via a feed reader) will have noticed that the sections telling you what I’m reading, what I’ve watched on DVD and what movies I’ve seen in the theater are missing. This is because sometime over the past three weeks my installation of MediaManager broke. Rather than spend time trying to fix it, I have simply removed that information from the site. The fact that only 1 person out of the world’s 6 billion have probably even noticed this change convinces me that my decision to save time and energy was the right one.

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Partial upgrade rollback

On Tuesday I upgraded the site, but had some issues with the new MediaManager, which is the plugin used to display all of my DVD, Book and Movie media content. For the past several days I have been trying to get the new MediaManager to work properly, but without success. Since I know that you have all been dying to know what books I’m reading and what DVDs I am watching, I rolled back to the older version of MediaManger. The Journal itself is running just find on the upgraded MoveableType Publishing Platform, though!
As an aside, I am currently being stalked by a female ninja. More details on that later…

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Site upgrade

Just a quick note. Some portions of the site (like the DVD list and Reading list) are currently not functioning correctly. I upgraded some of the site components today which caused some problems. These are in the process of being corrected, so please be patient. The main site content is unaffected.

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LancesWorld Video Blog

Fans, family and friends – I’ve been touting the video podcast for some time now, but to date I haven’t bothered to do anything about it. That changes today… Well, last night actually. I have produced and published my first-ever video podcast. Oh yes, it is fresh and ready for you to view… Simply subscribe to the RSS feed. You will need iTunes (you may need to download a newer version if you haven’t upgraded in a while) for either Mac or PC. Once you have iTunes installed and open, simply take the following steps:

  1. Click on Podcasts on the left

  2. In the menu bar, select Advanced
  3. Click “Subscribe to Podcast…”
  4. Add the URL
  5. Download and enjoy in iTunes OR on your iPod!

I really don’t have anything planned for content – as you will see – and who knows when (if) the next podcast will come, but at least I’m no longer tooting the horn of a technology I’ve never used.

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Some of you may have noticed significant downtime issues with over the past two days. In addition, any of you who e-mailed me yesterday or the day before may well have gotten a bounceback message saying that my e-mail address no longer existed. I had some serious issues with the server that hosted These issues have been eliminated by switching to a new hosting provider, AxisHost. AxisHost is run by a woman named Tina Peters who used to run AffordableHost, the former provider of service to When Tina was in charge of AffordableHost things rarely went wrong, but when they did, they were corrected promptly. After she left and AffordableHost was taken over by another group, it went way downhill. I’m happy to be back with Tina Peters again at AxisHost.
The following sites were also affected by the downtime, but are all back up and running now:
Tradigital Pictures
My Two Ovens
My apologies to those of you who were unable to visit these sites for an extended period of time.

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I expect that the most astute of my readers have already noticed that the main page of has a brand new look. Since LancesWorld started it looked pretty much the same – a blue side bar, two mirrored pictures of myself and a cheesy “LancesWorld” logo with the motto, “The Life & The Man.” All of these are now gone.
These have all been replaced with what I think is a much better looking main page with a very strong San Francisco theme to it. I actually took that picture of the Golden Gate Bridge this morning and then set to work on the new look for the site. After a few hours of toying around with different ideas, I settled on this one. I hope you enjoy it.

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A few new additions

You will probably notice that I’ve made some additions to the new Journal. Inspired by my friend, Ryan, I added some new modules to display what I am currently reading, the movies I’ve recently seen in the theater, and the movies I’ve recently watched on DVD. I have also added a Reading List which will allow you to see all the books that I’ve finished reading recently.
I am currently working on a DVD list which will allow you to see all of the DVDs in my personal DVD Library along with the last time I watched each movie. Watch for that in the next week or two.

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A new look

I’ve just updated the Journal and am now using MovableType version 3.2. This new version has a new look and many new features that I will start taking advantage of in short order. Or long order… I am pretty slow with the major updates on this site.

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Registered Comments Only

As a result of a massive flooding of SPAM comments here in the journal, I have disabled the ability to leave comments without being a registered TypeKey user.

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Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear!
Happy Birthday to You!
Yes, that’s right – today we celebrate the first anniversary of the founding of The first entry in the journal was published two days later on July 12, 2004. Since then, the site has been going strong, though I know there is still much room for improvement. First, the basic design of the site hasn’t changed in an entire year, which is why I am proud to announce that grand plans are currently being developed to create a new face for Unfortunately, the staff plastic surgeons have been called away to perform an emergency operation on Michael Jackson, but that should only delay the site’s re-design by a year or two. After careful study and analysis, the Bush administration has estimated that you will see a new and better around November of 2008, just in time to swing the presidential vote in favor of the Republicans. It’s true – this site isn’t just a Lance-centric destination, it is also a major player in the American political arena.
Alright, well maybe this site hasn’t really accomplished all that in just a single year, but there’s hope that I might be able to achieve such influence by the second anniversary, right? In all reality, though, a new design for this site is underway, though with my schedule, there is no telling when exactly it will be ready.
Thanks to everyone who visited over the past year. I hope both of you will continue to visit regularly over this coming year. And please, do pass this site on to others who might be interested in living vicariously through me. Over this next year, I am going to try and post some new pictures… I’ll aim for a new picture in the journal each week. OK… maybe one a month. We’ll see. Maybe if I had a new digital camera… donations are accepted through PayPal. Just kidding.
Alright, Birthday party at my house!

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