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Learn Korean

Posted by on February 19, 2012

Learn Korean at IICLast night I was out at a Karaoke Lounge call Do Re Mi for a friend’s birthday party. It seems that, for some reason, karaoke lounges are a huge deal in east Asian culture and this particular one, despite being in Japantown, is actually a Korean music studio. Ever since college, I’ve had a fascination with all things Korean, primarily due to the fact that I had some very good Korean friends while studying at Notre Dame. I’ve already visited Korea three times, and I’m considering another trip later this year. As I noted in my post on Entering the Fourth Decade, I want to learn a new language and Korean is one of the languages I’m really interested. So when I walked out of our karaoke room after four sweet hours of karaoke goodness and saw this sign for “Korean Classes at IIC,” I was very excited.

San Francisco is a city with many things, but one thing that I had never really seen before was a good Korean class. I’ve actually looked for them before, and I have found several language programs that claim to offer Korean classes, but they are four or six week courses that meet only once a week and offer only introductory lessons. I already know a tiny amount of Korean, enough to say hello, order food, and generally confuse Koreans, so a single four week class where you would learn to say hello, order food, and generally confuse Koreans wasn’t what I was looking for. It turns out, though, that IIC offers seven different levels of Korean which meet for an entire semester. Unfortunately, I’ve missed the chance to register for the Spring, 2012, semester, but now that I know this opportunity exists, I might finally be able to learn the language. Now if only I could find an actual use for speaking Korean.

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