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Monthly Archives: September 2009

A Commitment to my Public

I hereby make a commitment to my loyal public to post a new blog entry at least once a week effective immediately. I further commit not to uphold this commitment.

At least this way nobody can say that I’m not a reliable man. For the next week, the worst anybody can say is that I’ve definitely followed through on promise one and that, so far, I haven’t broken promise two. If I post again in a week, then I’ve kept promise one and still have yet to deliver on promise two, but since promise two has no definite timeline attached to it, I still can’t be said to have broken it, so my public will have to give me the benefit of the doubt and assume that I am still 100% trustworthy.

If, on the other hand, I do not post again in a week (or in two weeks, or three, and so on ad infinitum), then I’ve broken promise one, but I’ve upheld promise two, so I’m still a man who keeps his word.

The logic here is infallible.

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