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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Random Musings

It has surely been a long while since I last made an entry here. Nearly 6 months have elapsed since my last posting. Fear not, I have no intention to try and make up for that lost time by filling either of you, my two dear readers, in on everything that has transpired during that time. I could easily fill several tomes with all of that material.

I was listening to the radio today. I don’t even know what the station was, but I heard a song that I really enjoyed. It turns our that the artist is some group called The Airborne Toxic Event. Apprently they are an indie rock band based in Los Feliz, which is a neighborhood in LA. I found this factoid intersting, as my good friends from Los Feliz had a band called Say Yes. I am pretty certain that they are no longer performing, though.

Today, I had to drive 15 miles to get from the Starbucks in Half Moon Bay to another Starbucks. I thought it was against corporate policy to have stores more than two blocks apart. I started my day in Los Gatos, which is near San Jose, where I had a meeting and lunch with my friend Todd. After that, I headed to Half Moon Bay because it was on the way to my evening destination. I knew that there was a Starbucks in Half Moon Bay, and I thought I would just pass the time on the internet from there. Sadly, the internet connection there was not working, so I headed to the next closest Starbucks to kill the time. The drive to Pacifica was gorgeous, though! Right along the California coast with clear, blue skies.

At Starbucks I discovered that iTunes recognizes which Starbucks location you are at and will actually show you the lineup of music that the store is playing. If you so choose, you can also purchase said music with the mere click of a mouse. I have to admit, the music that Starbucks plays isn’t really my cup of tea (or coffee, for that matter), so I wasn’t really that tempted to make a purchase. It’s a cool feature, though.

Either of my readers may have previously visited my friend Ryan’s website. He recently launched a new single serving site about single serving sites. With this, it seems that he has broken into the world of the viral web. In a recent entry on his own blog, Ryan notes that in a single day he received as many hits to his SSS as his blog receives in 3 months. When I spoke with him today, he updated me, saying that in 3 days, he received more hits on the SSS than his blog receives in an entire year.

I’m in need of someone skilled in the viral web. Know anyone?

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