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Another Strike Against France

Posted by on October 1, 2007

For those of you not already aware, I’m not the biggest fan of France. I wouldn’t say that I detest France, but I certainly don’t love it. I’ve been to France five times, I think, and I’ve had a negative experience each time, even when with people who were doing their level best to speak French with the local people. Well, I just heard about a new service that has sprung up in France that aims to help people cheat on their spouse without getting caught. I actually heard about this on a Catholic podcast (the catholic underground) that I listen to. I decided to look for more details and found an article in none other than the San Francisco Chronicle. Here’s an excerpt from that article:

Looking to get away for a weekend fling without getting caught? A new French company provides would-be adulterers with custom-made excuses that help take the danger of discovery out of cheating.
Founded six months ago by former private eye Regine Mourizard, Web-based Ibila can cook up invites to phony weekend seminars, fake emergency phone calls from work, invitations to nonexistent weddings — anything to justify cheating spouses’ absence.
Mourizard said her service is aimed at protecting couples and families by allowing adulterers to live their flings undetected.
“If the alibi is well done and the spouse doesn’t suspect anything, this can sometimes save marriages,” Mourizard told The Associated Press in a telephone interview.
She and her co-worker, a computer specialist, draw up fake restaurant and hotel bills, receipts and other documents to help shore up what Mourizard calls her “little white lies.”
If the adulterer was supposed to have been away for a seminar, the company can even provide the kinds of freebies — pens, hats and tee-shirts — sometimes given at such events.

Did you catch that third paragraph? The “service is aimed at protecting couples and families.” This service PROTECTS families? Are you kidding me? This has to be one of the most morally corrupt ideas I’ve heard. Mourizard insists that her business is “above board.” Maybe it is above board in a purely legal sense, but in a moral sense, I can imagine nothing more morally bankrupt. A service of this type suggests that cheating is OK as long as you don’t get caught. THIS IS A LIE.
Let’s ignore the concept of sin for a moment. Cheating on your spouse is generally condemned by even the most staunch atheists. This is a complete betrayal of the trust of another person. Now let’s add sin back into the picture. Hear these words of Jesus Christ from the Gospel of Matthew:

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’ But I say to you, everyone who looks at a woman with lust has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”

In this we see that Jesus condemns not only the act of adultery, but even the thoughts of adultery. Now add to that the wildly outrageous prefabricated stories and the level of deceit has just been taken to a new level. This is despicable. I wish I could say “only in France,” but unfortunately, I know that’s not the case.

2 Responses to Another Strike Against France

  1. KJ

    I am appalled at this! I have to wonder about the comment “If the alibi is well done and the spouse doesn’t suspect anything, this can sometimes save marriages.” I, for one, would choose a marriage based on honesty and respect. A marriage like this has neither. No thank you!

  2. Amber

    I think I saw something like this on law and order one time. It is pretty despicable. What a society we live in!!