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Monthly Archives: February 2006


I expect that the most astute of my readers have already noticed that the main page of has a brand new look. Since LancesWorld started it looked pretty much the same – a blue side bar, two mirrored pictures of myself and a cheesy “LancesWorld” logo with the motto, “The Life & The Man.” All of these are now gone.
These have all been replaced with what I think is a much better looking main page with a very strong San Francisco theme to it. I actually took that picture of the Golden Gate Bridge this morning and then set to work on the new look for the site. After a few hours of toying around with different ideas, I settled on this one. I hope you enjoy it.

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Happy Birthday to Me

Well, this was a very new and interesting week in the Life of Lance. In the past seven days there have been some substantial changes:
1) I moved into a new apartment with Mike and Donny Osmand (real name Don Homewood) here in San Francisco. It is actually my first ever apartment, strange as that may seem. I have lived in dorms, in-law units, houses, shared studios and all other manner of dwelling places, but never have I had my own apartment, so that is a big new change in and of itself.
2) I started a new job, nay, a new career. On Monday I started work at UC Berkeley in with Business and Administrative Services, Financial Planning & Buget. It has been over three months since I last worked, so it was pretty strange to get back into the working world. The hours, clearly, are nothing like I was working in the film industry, but the whole getting up to an alarm thing is pretty annoying.
3) I turned 24 years old. Actually, that happened today. Indeed, today is my 24th birthday. Someone told me last night that I have now entered my mid-twenties. I don’t really know that I care too much about that. The older I get, the less age seems to matter and the more each birthday just becomes another day. In truth, when you consider leap years and the like, a birthday is actually some arbitrarily chosen date that we celebrate ourselves.
This weekend, sadly, isn’t going to be very relaxing. It should be fun, but certainly not relaxing. Tomorrow I am booked all day. I have a planning meeting for the National Catholic Young Adults Conference from 10-1230. I am totally unprepared for it. I haven’t done my work for it at all. I have been so busy with the St. Dominic’s retreat that I haven’t devoted sufficient (read: any) time to the NYAC. After that I have about 2 hours of downtime before I head downtown for the Chinese New Year Treasure Hunt which will take up about 5-6 hours.
Sunday morning I am going to help Mike and Donny Osmand move the last of their things from Bernabe Refugee Camp to the new apartment. I have to come up with a name for the new apartment… “my apartment” just doesn’t sound cool. I have friends that live in places like “Priory West” and “Bernabe Refugee Camp” so we definitely need a cool name for our place.
Sunday evening I have a St. Dominic’s Retreat meeting, mass (where I will be making the Young Adult announcement at the end of mass) and then my small faith group. I fear that Monday will come too soon.

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Knocked ‘em Dead

I am starting my new job at UC Berkeley today, so you may notice that I have moved the book “Knock ‘em Dead” from my “Currently Reading” list to my “Read” list. Yay!

Yes, that’s right, I did get the Berkeley job. I am very excited about it. True, I could have made a LOT more money working at many other places, but I just felt that the University setting is what was right for me. The mission is noble – it isn’t entirely about the bottom line, which I like. Not to mention the much more reasonable hours. All in all, I am looking forward to this very much.

I am actually sitting at Starbucks just a block and a half from my new office building right now. I decided to be adventurous on my first day and take public transit over here. It took just about 1 hour from the bus stop by the new apartment to get here. Not terrible – it would take about 45 minutes to drive here, so the time difference isn’t HUGE. Not to mention that I would have to pay for gas, parking and bridge toll if I drove to work every day. I have to run a few numbers just to determine which is really the most efficient way (considering both time and money). BART is pretty expensive ($6.50 round trip) and my total cost for public transit would be roughly $9 a day. However, driving would mean almost as much – if not more – I predict. As I said, I have to run some figures.

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