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The Internet Explodes!

Posted by on January 27, 2006

Who knew that the internet would become such a versatile tool? Certainly Al Gore must have known when he invented it, but otherwise, who knew?
One of the areas of the internet that exploded recently and is already changing rapidly is the blog. There are thousand, nay, millions of internet users who think that their life is cool enough to write about for the rest of the world to read. Give me a break, people… do you really think that there are more than 2 to 5 people out there who really care about what your upcoming plans are for the weekend or about how your job hunt is going? No, the world doesn’t care, and yet you all just keep on writing. Some people are just so self-absorbed, I can’t stand it. Geez.
But the written blog is passing into oblivion.

Gone are the days when the simple written blog is sufficient to keep people interested. No longer is it enough to simply read about the various exploits of complete strangers. Note to all you bloggers out there – if your blog is purely written content, it’s time to move on. “Oh, but Lance,” you say, “I have the occasional picture in my blog!” HA! Useless.
With the advent of podcasting, “normal” blogs began slipping into darkness. Now you could not only bore people with your rantings and ravings, but you could bore them in full stereo, complete with music and sound effects. Suddenly everyone was a regular Howard Stern.
But soon, audio just wasn’t enough. OH NO – there had to be more. Think of the podcast as the gateway drug to what was to follow: the latest addition to the world of the blog – video. Yes, the video blog is no longer a pipe dream. It is a reality. Farewell, podcasts, you may only be a year old, but that’s old enough to be considered ancient in the world of technology. Farewell written blog, you’re lucky if anyone even remembers you once existed. HELLO VODCAST! The video blog is explosive, and has a lot of potential. I discovered today two very hilarious video blogs:
BathTubYoga combines a sitcom-like video blog with a written blog. It is about two guys who moved to NYC from London to become professional bloggers. While it is funny, I have to imagine that their viewership is nothing compared to…
Rocketboom! This is a video blog presenting itself as a daily news show. The (very hot) host, Amanda Congdon (who is 24 and very hot) now has a viewership of somewhere around 100,000. FOR A 3 MINUTE VIDEO BLOG WHICH PRESENTS SILLY NEWS STORIES! I guess some people might tune in just to see the really hot 24 year old host. Don’t miss today’s (Jan. 27) episode where she does some awesome dance moves.
It seems that the video blog is the new “in” thing.
Remember: If you’re not video blogging, you’re just not cool.

2 Responses to The Internet Explodes!

  1. Mike

    Eh… she’s ok.

  2. Ryan

    No! Say it ain’t so! I don’t have the goods for vodcasting–must I be doomed to slip into tech uncoolness?