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Farewell, January: A Month in Review

Posted by on January 31, 2006

The month of January is already over. That means that approximately one-twelfth of 2006 is already over. Gone. Sometimes time seems to go so quickly.
Here’s a quick recap of the month of January:
I never went to bed on the night of December 31, 2005; rather, I didn’t go to sleep until sometime in the wee morning hours of January 1, 2006. Far too few hours later, I woke up, still on the floor of Adam’s house (Adam is my sister’s friend). Two days later, on January 3, I flew back to California where the job and apartment hunt really took off. While I actually only ended up interviewing with Berkeley this month, I turned down an employment offer from Ameriprise Financial and setup an interview with Accountant’s Inc. for February. I applied for two apartments in San Francisco. The first one I definitely didn’t get. Too bad. The application for the second apartment was actually just submitted today, and might also fall through, as we may have been a day late and a dollar short with the submission (another application was submitted yesterday). I got a new mountain bike this month – a Christmas gift from my mom. I’ve been using it frequently to go out geocaching. It is good exercise and also helps prevent air pollution. I also used the bike to ride for the Peacekeeping Team on the Walk for Life. I was appointed chair of the logistics committee for the National Young Adults Conference which is being hosted by the San Francisco Archdiocese and I joined the planning team for the St. Dominic’s Young Adult Retreat. I got involved in a meaningful way with Sunset Youth Services where I will begin teaching a video production course to at-risk youth in April. Until then, I will be working on a promotional video for them that will be screened at an upcoming auction. In the tech world, I had the chance to attend the MacWorld Expo and see some of the up and coming tech innovations. On the web, I discovered that the vlog/video blog/vodcast is the way of the blogging future. I discovered sites such as Rocketboom, BathTubYoga and HelpMyPatients. Three of my friends got engaged this month. Leilani and Shane got engaged to each other and Ingrid got engaged to her long-time friend, whom I have not yet met. I unexpectedly met up with three ND folks – Sarah who was in town interviewing with Google; Jacob whom I had never previously met, but who lived in Zahm and just moved to SF; and Anton, who lived across the hall from me my freshman year at ND and then transferred to Stanford University.
All in all, for not working and not having a permanent home of my own, I would say it was a pretty eventful month. Primary goals for February: secure a job and secure an apartment.
Until February…

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