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Monthly Archives: September 2005

Farewell San Francisco, Hello New York!

Greetings one and all.
For those of you who have been visiting every day for the past week, I am sorry that I haven’t posted any updates about my move from San Francisco to New York. In fact, it was only just today that I finally changed the main page to reflect my new location. Until just moments ago it still read “Current Location: San Francisco.” I know that this was probably confusing to all of you, and for that I do apologize.
So far New York has been treating me well – about as well as I could have expected a city like this would treat me. Most of you probably know that NY has never been my favorite city in the world, but I decided that this new job opportunity was exciting, and after careful consideration I also realized that I had never really give New York a fair chance, so here I am.
I think I am going to start work on Monday – I should get a call later on this evening to confirm that and get all the details squared away. That means that I have had all the time since I arrived Tuesday morning to just explore and take things easy. I bought a 30-day unlimited ride MetroCard for the subways and busses, which I have been making good use of. I have visited the American Museum of Natural History, walked around midtown, and explored parts of the East Village and SoHo. My apartment is located on E 96th street between Lexington and Park. It’s way uptown, but the area is decent and the rent is not too bad.
I’m not really sure what my plans are for the evening yet. I know that I am going out to dinner somewhere and then out to a bar or karaoke place or something – just not sure with whom or when or precisely where yet. I suppose those details will just work themselves out naturally.

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I just replaced 4 lightbulbs

So I finished working on RENT yesterday. It was a phenomenal run on the show – I had a great time and got to work with some absolutely amazing people. Now I’m just trying to get my room cleaned out so I can move again. I have been a very mobile person over the past few years, working in London, LA, San Francisco, LA, San Francisco and now – New York. I’m off to the Big Apple this weekend to start work on a new show next week which is currently untitled. I don’t know an awful lot about the show yet. Pretty much all I know is that it is a musical being directed by Julie Taymor based on the music of The Beatles. It is not ABOUT the Beatles, it does not STAR the Beatles – it is simply a story being told using their music, ala Mama Mia was told through ABBA or We Will Rock You was told through Queen.
I’ve already wasted most of the day. I was planning on sleeping in, but my internal clock did not want to allow that. I was awake and out of bed before 7 a.m. Yah, disgusting, I know. Of course, it would have been too easy to get to work right away. No, instead, I poked around the internet looking up completely useless information about Captain Kangaroo, Lee Marvin and Mr. Rogers (coincidentally, Mr. Rogers was also on TV at this time – or maybe not so coincidentally… ooh spooky). Then I decided to go and look for a geocache that has been eluding me for months – BackBend. Unfortunately, I was STILL unable to find it. This was my third visit, and still no luck. I was really hoping to find it today as it would have been my 50th find, fitting for my final days in San Francisco. But, alas, BackBend for now remains a mystery to me.
After failing to find the cache I headed to Albertson’s where I picked up some light bulbs and some shower cleaner and the I headed straight to the gym where I did a nice cardio workout for about 35 minutes. Not terribly much to report about the workout itself. When I returned home, I pulled out the new lightbulbs and proceeded to use them all replacing four burned out bulbs in my room that I had never replaced. To be honest, I didn’t know I had four burned out bulbs – I thought I had only 2 or 3 at the most, but it turns out there were 4 burned out lights.
Exciting stuff in this entry, I know…

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From Luke Skywalker to the Skeleton King

Mark Hamill is perhaps best known for his performance as Luke Skywalker in the original three Star Wars films (Episodes IV – VI). Curious as to what other work he’s done since Star Wars, I looked him up on IMDB and discovered a rather impressive body of work in terms of quantity, but the quality of the work he’s done seems less than impressive.
Since Return of the Jedi the biggest movie he’s appeared in was Disney’s 1989 The Little Mermaid. Impressive enough, you might think, but don’t you think that someone with Mark Hamill’s fame would be able to land a better role than “Additional Voices?” I would think so, but I would be wrong. Most of his work has actually been vocal work in either animated films or video games. Some of his select video games include Wing Commander III , Wing Commander IV, Wing Commander Prophecy and Bouncers. All sound like real winners to me. Some of his animated film work includes such gems as Wing Commander Academy (tv, animated), The Legend of Calamity Jane (tv, animated, Additional Voices), The New Batman Super Adventures (tv, animated), Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island (video, animated) and Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (tv, animated). Finally, he has performed in such classic live action roles as Blake in Wolf Tracer’s Dinosaur Island, Bananas in Baxter and Bananas and Murphy in the absolutely terrible horror film Watchers Reborn.
So my question remains, what happened to Mark Hamill? How can one of the leading actors from three of the most influential films of all time have such a depressing and embarrassing career?

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Zahm House!

Zahm HouseI was visiting the ND website today and saw this on the main page.

It reminds me that it was only 5 years ago that I, myself, was moving into Zahm Hall for the very first time. Now I’ve been out of school for a year. I find that I am missing Notre Dame more this year than I did last year. When school started back up last year, I was just recovering from my car accident and hadn’t yet started working. This year as school starts back up, I’ve been working for nearly a year without much time off (2 weeks at Christmas and a few three day weekends here and there), making me all the more aware of what I am missing by not being back at school.

As much as I miss ND, though, I love being out in the working world. I couldn’t have asked for a better job, I have to say. I’m excited to have had such a great year, and I have a lot to look forward to, I know.

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Registered Comments Only

As a result of a massive flooding of SPAM comments here in the journal, I have disabled the ability to leave comments without being a registered TypeKey user.

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