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Monthly Archives: December 2004

Merry Christmas Eve!

As I type this, it is currently 1 a.m. on Christmas Eve morning. I’m actually just about to go to bed, but I though it would be appropriate to send my Christmas Eve greetings before I retire for the night. I’m not sure about all of you, but I spent my day before Christmas Eve doing not much of anything. I made a cheesecake for Christmas Eve, watched some episodes of “South Park,” watched the Ben Stiller movie Dodgeball, and went to the grocery store with my mom.
My friend Ryan and my sister saw Dodgeball in the theatres and they said that they really liked it. Unfortunately, both my mom and I decided that it was a pretty bad movie. I didn’t like it for several reasons. First of all, the story development was pretty poor. It just kind of went from “guy needs money” to “guy enters tournament with a losing team in hopes of winning” and there wasn’t much more to it than that. To top it off, the editing of the film was pretty bad. I mean, this was supposed to have some fast-paced dodgeball action, and yet, the actual game sequences were too short and too tight to give any perspective of the action. Also, the whole love-interest scheme between the various characters was about as believable as the Star Wars movies.
Now, the time I spent watching “South Park” was much more valuable, I can tell you. While some of the episodes of that show are clearly nothing but crude humor, many of them are also social commentaries in some way. I won’t lie, I do enjoy the occasional mindless episode, but I also appreciate some of the more intelligent things that the show does. One of my favorite episodes aired just before the November elections. South Park Elementary was holding elections for a new mascot, and the two mascots they were selecting between were a “Giant Dousche” and a “Terd Sandwich.” “It’s always between a terd and a dousche” was one of the best lines I can remember from any South Park episode I’ve seen.
Well, I think it’s time I get some sleep. If I’m going to be awake enough for midnight mass tomorrow night I’d better get my beauty rest in now.

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There’s no place like home for the Holidays…

While some might argue that “there’s no place like home” period (and here I’m thinking of Dorothy and her little dog too), I think that it is particularly true around the holidays. As my sister would put it, “holidays are stressful.” Emotions run high, tempers flare, people storm out of the house and threaten (seriously) to move out of the state… Not that any of this would ever happen in my family, but I’ve heard rumor of it happening elsewhere.
So far it’s been very nice to be back here in Utah for a little while. Being able to sleep in every morning is a definite plus, and one I think I will certainly miss when it comes time to go back to work on January 3, 2005 (the new year!), but I’ll live. I got home on Saturday Dec. 18, and since then I’ve been doing some last minute Christmas shopping, gift wrapping, Christmas goody baking, partying, etc., etc.
Christmas is now only two days away. That means that in only four days I’ll be on a plane flying to Denver to visit my dad. My sister and I are actually flying there on the same flight, but I head straight back to San Francisco on Jan. 2 and she stays in Denver for a few days more.
Well, the holiday spirit beckons, and so I must be off to join in the festivities that only winter can bring – like fixing broken snowblowers.

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