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Monthly Archives: July 2004

It’s the end of July as we know it

It seems to me that the summer has been flying by. I know that I don’t have to go back to school myself, but I still know a lot of people who will be heading back soon – some as early as next week. I guess I have been keeping relatively busy this summer with things other than the mundane computer job I had after my freshman and sophomore years of college, thus making the summer go by much quicker. I mean, I’ve spent my summer travelling the country – and the world. If you’ve already read my other journal entries here, you’ll know that the past few weeks have been particularly exciting in terms of making very last minute changes.
Speaking of last minute changes, I am still waiting on word about the work permit application. The last I heard, the application hadn’t actually been sent in because Cinesite wanted to strengthen the application with reference letters. As of the end of this week, Mark Radcliffe had written a letter for me, and my two NDTV advisors, Chris Becker and Laurie McFadden, had said that they would be happy to write something for me by this weekend. That means, I suppose, that the application should be complete and ready to be sent by Monday, if they didn’t already send it off on yesterday. I am just a little nervous about the fact that there is still a chance that my application could be denied, despite my obvious qualifications and the impressive reference letters that I’ll be getting.

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End of the world?

In some ways, today was a lazy day. I’m just chillin’ here at home waiting for more information about my work visa for the job out in London. Unfortunately, until I find out whether or not the British Government has approved the visa, I can’t really make any definite plans. If my application is turned down, then it’ll be back to Los Angeles for me. While that wouldn’t be the end of the world, it would be pretty disappointing.
I did quite a bit of car cleaning today. Yesterday I washed my car, but today I finally got around to cleaning the inside. I hadn’t vacuumed the car in at least a year, so it was getting pretty dirty. I vacuumed, foamed the tires, cleaned the vinyl & leather, sealed the vinyl, washed the windows (inside and out) and mirrors, and cleaned out some of the trash I accumulated during my brief jaunt to LA. The car looks really good now.
My mom, sister and I went to dinner at Thaifoon at the Gateway tonight. They bill themselves as a “Thai” restaraunt, but they only have three Thai dishes on the menu, while the rest are all from other Asian traditions. I had never been to Thaifoon before, but both my sister and uncle have told me how good it is. After eating, I stopped by the Virgin Megastore where I bought a great new album from Muse called Absolution. It’s pretty much an album that tells the story about the end of the world. I haven’t finished the entire album yet, but so far what I’ve heard has been fantastic. I’m probably going to try and go back to Virgin on Thursday (double punch day on the Virgin frequency card) and check out some of their earlier albums.

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From Los Angeles to London

Well, if you look back at my entry from July 16, you’ll see that I said things change quickly. Things have changed yet again. I had made all of the neccesary arrangements to move into my new apartment this weekend. I had confirmed with my new landlady that I could move in on Friday evening, so I ordered a refrigerator to be delivered to the apartment, bought a futon, bought an entertainment center with audio rack, bought a dining room table, bought a microwave, ordered local phone service and DSL for the apartment, arranged to rent a U-Haul, and arranged for help to load the U-Haul here at home and then for other help to unload it on the LA end. Everything was going according to plan right up until Thursday morning…
My mom dropped me off at the U-Haul office in Bountiful on her way to work on Thursday morning and I picked up the truck without any problem and drove it home. Once home, I measured some of my furniture to make sure it would all fit in the U-Haul. Since I was waiting for some people to come help me load, I headed up to my room to unhook my computer so it could get packed up. But before shutting down the machine, I noticed that I had an e-mail from Alex Coxon, one of the people over in London that I worked with on Harry Potter last summer. I was excited to see what she had to say, so I opened the e-mail. And what should I find in that e-mail, but a job offer to go back to London in September to work on Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

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Happy Birthday, Mom!

It’s nice that I am able to be here at home for my mom’s birthday. She was out all night last night at the Relay for Life. I left there at about 10:30. It was a nice event, but sometimes as I was walking I asked myself what good my physical act of walking was doing. I mean, does my taking steps help find a cure for cancer? I suppose, though, that the act of walking is not to somehow provide real “support” in the fight against cancer; rather, it is to show my emotional support for those fighting cancer, those who have died from cancer, and those who have loved cancer survivors and victims. Most of the night I considered that I was walking in support of my grandmother who is currently battling cancer, and she seems to be doing remarkably well.
Tonight we’re going down to my grandma’s house to eat some homemade pizza in honor of my mom’s birthday. Homemade pizza is one of those things that everyone thinks their mom or grandma does the best, but just to set the record straight, my grandma’s pizza truly is the best pizza you can find. Here’s a picture of a cake my grandma and I made for my mom on her birthday in 1989.

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Back to the Beehive State

Things change quickly. I’m back in Utah now, actually. I flew home this morning from the Burbank airport to Salt Lake City via San Francisco. The guy that I was in touch with about the junior one bedroom told me yesterday that I was the fourth person in line for the apartment and that he wouldn’t know anything until Monday or Tuesday. I decided that couldn’t wait that long, particularly since K.C. is leaving for New York and I can’t stay with him when he is gone. So I called up Vera and told her I would take her apartment, so it’s all going to work out, it seems. As it turns out, that apartment is still occupied by a tenant, but he is leaving this weekend. Originally, the plan was for me to drive down on Sunday and move in on Monday, but since the current tenant isn’t leaving until Sunday, Vera needs some time to get the apartment cleaned up and all ready to go before I can move in. So the plan now is to drive down on Friday, July 23. I’m going to be renting a UHaul to get my stuff down there. My mom is going to drive down with me to help me get settled in. Want to see a picture of my new apartment building?
Tonight I am going to the Relay for Life in downtown Salt Lake City. It’s an all night event, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to stay the whole night through. I’m so exhausted from this past week that I just couldn’t stay up walking all night.

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The hunt goes on…

Today started bright and early again. As I’m sure many of you know, apartment hunting isn’t all that great. The apartments are either too small, too far away, too expensive, too run down, and so on. I started my day off in Burbank where I visited an apartment complex that was located just north of the Disney Studios on Buena Vista Avenue. Pretty much a prime location – but at a premium price. $890 a month for a pretty small apartment that was in kind of a run down building. They had two vacancies, but for that price, they just weren’t worth it.
I actually found two apartments today that I thought I could live in. One is in a really nice area called Valley Village, which is just north of where K.C. lives. It is a junior 1 bedroom, which means that instead of a wall separating the living room from the bedroom, there is a railing and some vertical blinds that can be opened and closed. I really liked the place, espcially at only $750 per month, and actually submitted an application. The other apartment is in North Hollywood. It’s actually a pretty nice 1 bedroom apartment in a secure building, but the surrounding area is kind of shady. Lots of car repair shops, convenience stores and rough roads. But the apartment is pretty large and a steal at $725/month. The landlady already told me that I could move in if I wanted to, but we’ll see what happens with this junior one bedroom first.

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On the prowl

Oh joy – I spent all day apartment hunting. Some of the apartments out here in Los Angeles SUCK. Some of the neighborhoods are so lousy that I just wouldn’t feel safe leaving my car parked there overnight. One of the places I saw allegedly had a “sparking pool.” As it turned out, the pool only sparkled because someone had dumped an industrial-sized bottle of glitter into the water. Seriously, the complex was pretty run down and it was in a bad neighborhood.
After realizing that it was pretty hard to just drive around and find places to live (Los Angeles is huge and there are so many side streets I could never cover them all), I elected to sign up for a service called that lists lots of different rentals in various areas. While the valley isn’t quite as much fun as living in Hollywood or on the west side, it is much cheaper to live in the valley, so I focused mainly there.
Basically, today was a bust. I actually saw quite a few different places, but they were either not very nice, too expensive, too far away, or a combination of those things. Let’s hope tomorrow is a little better.
But the day wasn’t all bad. K.C. told me that he was going out with some other friends to celebrate Tiffany’s birthday. I said I’d go along. As it turned out, besides K.C., the only person I had already met was McKenzie. All of the others were people from K.C.’s ward. We ate at a place called the Claim Jumper, though if you’re familiar with the one in Park City, this one isn’t the same. After dinner, a few of us went out to this Karoke bar called Dimples in Burbank. All around, it was a pretty good night.

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11 hours later

Today I spent most of the day driving to Los Angeles. Before I hit the freeway, I had to stop by Kinko’s to make some copies of bank statements, my transcript, and so on that I though I might need when looking for an apartment to rent. By the time I had finished getting the copies made and had filled my gas tank it was 9 a.m. and I was on my way.
My first stop was in Cedar City, Utah where I ate lunch at Subway and filled up my tank so I could continue the drive and not have to worry about becoming stranded in the middle of the Nevada desert without any petrol.
450 miles and a few more stops past Cedar City, I found myself navigating the Los Angeles freeway system while trying to find K.C. Clyde’s house. Without much trouble and without much traffic, I arrived in Studio City and found K.C.’s apartment. K.C. is a really nice guy, and I am really happy I was able to work something out to stay in his apartment for a few days.
Right away, K.C. was inviting me to do stuff with him. We headed out to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner with some of his friends. I met quite a few people, including Todd, Shalisse, McKenzie, Rachel, Brendan and Brendan’s parents (who happen to be from Denver, but were visiting LA). I had a good time out with the group, and I hope I’ll see them again sometime during my life in Los Angeles. When I was saying goodbye to everyone at the end of the night, Shalisse said that I was “part of the family now,” so hopefully that means we’ll be meeting up again eventually.

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